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User Review. Welcome to the Kitchen Design Software User Guide. For the most part, the user guide is self-explanatory. With one small exception, the user guide can be read without knowledge of the program. That does not mean that all your questions will be answered, but you'll be able to figure out for yourself how the program works. In this guide, you will learn how to - create knitted objects by piecing together pieces of your designs - work with different yarn materials - start a new project and work on it with the Construction tab - work on different projects in the same project folder - start a new project, and open it in the Design tab - work with the Graphical Calculator - work with the Record functions in the Design tab - work with menus and options in the Window The user guide is divided into the following chapters: Chapter 1: Kitchen Design Software Basics This chapter starts you off on the right foot by explaining some of the basics of - how Kitchen Design Software works - how to access the commands - the menu structure - using window settings - tools for creating new projects - saving projects to file - opening projects from file - working on projects that are open from file Chapter 2: Creating Projects This chapter explains how to create new projects, including how to work with the Design tab. - the New Project menu - the Project Properties dialog box - the Screen dialog box - the Project File dialog box - the 3D menu - the Plan View menu - the Design Tab menu - the Graphical Calculator - working with the Initial Project dialog box - working with the Stitch Settings dialog box Chapter 3: Working with Styles This chapter explains how to work with styles, including the following - using the Style Properties dialog box - creating a new style - editing a style - deleting a style - using a style for multiple projects Chapter 4: Using Yarn This chapter explains how to work with yarn, including the following - how to work with yarn in the Knitting area - how to work with yarn in the Construction area - how to work with yarn in the Design area - how to work with yarn in the Graphical Calculator - saving and opening yarn-using projects Chapter 5: Using Stitches This chapter explains how



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Kd Max Kitchen Design Software.rar taegshep

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