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The First and Second World Wars show us many conflicts and disputes around entire areas, regions and islands. The ruler establishes his own law and the right to dispose of the territory, determines the rights and obligations of other residents of this territory in relation to land plots and real estate OnlineCasinoItaliani.

The law lists the possibilities for residents to dispose of land, the right to build and own real estate. Decrees, orders and laws regulate legal relations in the possession of land.

However, there is a nuance here: if the inhabitants of the territory are not given the opportunity to dispose of real estate in a certain order and this property is taken away from them, people will simply leave for another territory.

Although history knows many examples of the forceful retention of citizens by the state (for example, East Germany or North Korea).

Imagine that someone seized the land in order to build a new state on it. This someone needs to prove as soon as possible his pre-emptive right to dispose of the land, ensure the protection of the borders of the territory, regulate relations with the inhabitants of the territory, proving to them in a “volitional” way that it is he who will now determine who and what can do in this territory.


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